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FRESHERS 2022-23

Politics Ball 2019



Voted ‘Best Academic Society in 2020’ at the SU Awards, Warwick PolSoc is

one of the largest and best societies on campus. Whether you are looking for

large scale social events, from pub golf to club nights (often attracting around

100 people), or engaging academic events with high profile names, we have

something to cater for everyone. Alongside these types of events, we have a

newly established careers branch of the Society to assist with all your

LinkedIn-associated needs.


Each year we host the Politics Ball, a formal event for over 200 students.

This is an excellent opportunity to dress up for the night and celebrate your

academic successes or new friendships over a three-course meal in a classy 



We host an International Tour annually, involving a mini city break for you to spend quality

time withyour PolSoc peers and explore somewhere other than Leamington. We try to keep our Tour affordable to allow as many students to attend as possible.

Our 2021/22 3rd Place Netball Team

Warwick Politics Society is also home to Perspectives, our political commentary

magazine. If you consider yourself to be an aspiring political journalist, or have any

kind of interest in political writing, this is a great way to get involved in the Society. 

Get ahead of the queue and email our Editors James and Shu-Yu for more

information ( &


In the event political writing is not up your street, we have Football and Netball teams

which play in the societies league each year. This is a great way to play a team sport

in a casual setting, stay fit whilst at uni and meet new people! Our Sports Officer,

Solomon Brown, will be able to guide you through joining one of our teams.



Last but definitely not least, at Warwick PolSoc we work hard to support local and

national charities. Last year we supported Mind, a leading mental health charity, as

well as Movemeber and raised a grand total of over £2500. 

Our student led immigration panel



To kick off your involvement with Warwick PolSoc, make sure to follow our social media

platforms. All our event information and updates are shared through these platforms,

so this is absolutely key to ensuring you don’t miss out!


In Freshers Week 2022, make sure to attend our events and come say hi at the

Societies Fair to get to know our Executive Team and more about what will be doing

over the next couple of weeks. We look forward to speaking to you all and we promise

we are not in the slightest intimidating so come for a chat!


Purchase your Society Membership! At PolSoc, we ask for a small £2 sum to cover

your membership. This is critical in funding our events and maintaining the quality of

your experience as a PolSoc member.


During your time at Warwick, you will be able to write for Perspectives, so be sure to

follow the Perspectives Facebook page and join their Writers’ Group to hear about



Right from the start of Freshers you will be able to join our sports teams and play

weekly matches for Warwick PolSoc. To get involved here, you can take part in trials

at the start of the academic year.


Finally, to make the most out of your PolSoc experience, we strongly recommend you attend every

event throughout the year which interests you. The Society has so much to offer and is a great

opportunity to meet new, like-minded individuals.



We look forward to meeting you all. If you have any questions about what we do, feel free to message our instagram account. For more specific enquiries, please get in touch with our President, Myles Kirk, through email (

 Watch this space for further updates!

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